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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I suggest that you never break your ankle.  :)  This has been both a physical and mental challenge for me.  Learning to do everything without one foot touching the ground.  Everything from brushing my teeth to making coffee is exhausting.  You would think that I would take this time to write another book.  I can't even think about it.  All I can think about is getting back on two feet and what my first step will feel like when I finally get out of this boot!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

One Night at the Shelter
Barbara J. Morgan

5 Star review for the new book!

From Readers' Favorite!

Reviewed By Jessyca Garcia for Readers’ Favorite

I thought Barbara J Morgan’s One Night at the Shelter was a very cute, funny book. After the workers at the animal shelter go home for the evening, it is time for the animals to play. They come out of their cages and have a party. They eat, play games, and even take a few selfies. 

The first thing I noticed about One Night at the Shelter was how polite the animals were to each other. The cats got along with the dogs and they all helped each other out. I have often thought that animals behave differently when there are no humans around. Morgan just confirmed my suspicion of this. With this story, Morgan also gave me a reason why my dog is always tired. It must be because she has a party every time I leave.

The book is pretty easy to read and will be great for younger children. I read this book with my daughter and she really enjoyed seeing the animals doing all the silly things in the pictures. Her favorite picture was of Taco the Tiger Cat sweeping the floor. My favorite part of the story was when the animals were taking selfies. I love that this book features many different animals at the shelter, even a chicken. It is a good reminder to people that there are animals at your local shelter who need a forever home. I think that this would be a great book to have in a vet’s office.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I'm broken but on the mend

Last Wednesday I was installing a security camera outside in the rain.  I wouldn't have been doing this if not for the fact that some idiot stole my garmin out of my car.  I fell on wet grass and snapped my ankle.  Of course my phone was in the shed so I had to do a walking dead imitation and crawl to the shed.  Snap, crackle and pop went the ankle.  I called for an ambulance and found out at the hospital that I had fractured it in two places.  Fast forward to today.  Yesterday was my surgery and it was a success.  Two screws and a plate.  Now the nerve block is beginning to wear off but not to worry, I have pain medication on board! Wish me luck!