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Monday, July 27, 2015

Well here it is.  My blog.  For those who don't know me I am the author of Gummy and The Ferret, a children's book.  I got my idea for the book one day while working for a local animal shelter.  I was taking two pets to the vet.  First there was Gummy, a small young pit bull.  The other was a ferret.  It sounded like a great name for a kids book so I set out immediately to tell a story.  The story is about two shelter pets searching for their forever homes.  At the local shelter they become friends and support one another through their journey.  Inside they describe their care from the many volunteers and also at the veterinary office.  After fear of losing contact with one another they are reunited and eventually find what both are looking for.  
I feel it necessary to teach children at a young age about the serious subject of pet adoption.  My book is for young readers just beginning to read on their own.  Also meant to be read to the children.  It really is a heartwarming tale and begs to be read over and over.
P.S. It has a happy ending!  You can find it on or on my web page

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